Supermarket Tours

Supermarket Tours

Personal Guidance in the Supermarket – Healthy Shopping

You decided to eat healthier foods. But the moment you enter the supermarket, you are face-to-face with an abundance of products, temptations, colors, and smells – do they confuse you? Are you uncertain about which product is healthier and which ingredient is preferable to others?
Well, I offer a special service: personal guidance in the supermarket while shopping.
The aim of the joint tour is to enable you to buy smartly in keeping with your taste, emphasizing products with high nutritional value and taking into account the given budget.
I believe that healthy eating does not require special raw materials, but only the smart use of simple products found in every supermarket.

Fill the Cart with Health and Save Money
The decision to pursue a healthy lifestyle must be implemented already at the purchasing stage – a decisive stage in which we choose the food we bring into our home, and together with it we acquire daily habits.
So how do we do it? Well, the tour takes place only after we discuss your daily routine, your nutritional preferences, and the habits you wish to change.
During the tour, I will explain to you the meaning of the labels on the back of the products, the importance of the position of every ingredient in the list, and I will suggest alternative solutions regarding healthy cooking and correct combinations of products and nutrients. In this way, you will not only shop in an efficient and informed manner but also pay less.
Do you cook with lots of edible colors? Do the children love ice cream and are finding it difficult to give it up? In the tour, I will show you how to continue eating the things you love but with slight changes to your thought and consumption patterns that make them less harmful and enhance their quality.

For more information, please contact
Zhanna Tevakol, Phytotherapeutist, Lecturer, and Nutrition Coach
Mobile: +972-(0)50-5515999

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