Natural Dream-Cosmetic-Israel

Synergy of natural beauty and health! Is the essence of the philosophy of the company has a flag to improve the quality Life, in the full sense of the rich and expand every word! -lhbia The most natural products on the one hand and the most innovative On the other and combine their teeth so that the resulting combination of high quality, Cause members to join Ilin, to be not only more healthy and beautiful – But also satisfied and happier and ultimately: Live Tibaiim, Brieim.oarrocim more natural environment as possible. So you will find by us everything is natural and pure – and the body and mind need: * Herbs * Herbal extracts (tinctures, olive oil / almond, glycerin, etc.). * Care for face and body -tbaiim quality (anti-Aging) * External treatments for skin problems (dermo-cosmetic medical Para). Preparations significant mitigating immediate on: psoriasis, pain, acne, and more. * Natural oils (organic) 100% pure – cold pressed, * Essential Oils (Essential) -amitiim 100% pure * Glycerine soaps and olive oil soaps camel milk. * Designed gift packaging, and more. Not only in philosophy: the company has decided to allocate 10% of its profits Donations to organizations “green”, improving the environment and nature, And to encourage studies on medicine seem natural *.