Zhanna Tevakol - Phytotherapeutist and Nutritional Trainer


Pleased to meet you.

My name is Zhanna Tevakol and I am a Phytotherapeutist and Nutritional Trainer that helps people to implement a healthy nutritional routine as part of their daily schedule, while taking into consideration their own personal needs and wishes.

Many people around the world choose to change their nutritional diet because of a variety of reasons:

There are those who wish to lose weight, improve their general feeling and get rid of unhealthy “Junk food” that harms their body. There are those who wish to provide rich nutritional meals to their children and loved ones and there are those that needs to adapt their diet due to health isue (Such as high cholesterol and diabetes).

I am certain that with the right support, professional guidance, comprehending the body’s needs, persistence and mostly with a large extent of optimism, anyone can reach positive and satisfying results.

During my life I have acquired cooking skills and a rich knowledge base concerning nature’s basic products. I use these skills to tutor in a variety of methods:

Nutritional Training Lectures for Company Employees:
For employees and chefs who are responsible for cooking and meal preparation in a company business kitchen. The training includes a variety of food and menu examples along with exclusive tips for healthy nutritional menus.

Nutritional coaching (Personal and Family) :
A personal training program that helps to adjust to a Recommended Menu for the correct healthy and daily routine while getting used to new eating habits and better behavior patterns.

Nutritional therapy:
I provide one-on-one meeting where we build a healthy balanced daily menu according to individual needs. This consultation is also available online via Skype.

I consult and sell:
top of the line Food Additives
Natural Cosmetic Products

Zhanna Tevakol,
Phytotherapeutist, Lecturer and Nutrition Instructor

For more information and/or to set up an introductory meeting :
Call me: +972- 50-551-5999
Email me at: info@zhanna-y.com