Castor oil


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Castor oil

Castor oil is a vegetable oil extracted from the castor bean is found , the gourd was one of the spurge family . Oil paint is produced from pale – from pale yellow to transparent , and has a weak point , and odorless . Its boiling point is 313 ° C, chemically , this material consists of triglycerides containing approximately 90 percent acid Ritzinolait , and secondarily also contains oleic acid and linoleic acid.
Haritzinolait acid , which is the main component of castor oil is monounsaturated fatty acid – saturated .
Castor oil and its derivatives are used in the production of soap, lubricants , brake oil , oil paints, waxes , coatings , producing inks, cold resistant plastics , nylon, and perfumes.
In addition to castor oil , castor beans contain a toxic protein called ricin , and picking seeds side carries risk . Allergenic elements are present on the plant , and can cause damage to the neural non – reversible , which brings the harvest operation to one that could harm human life.

: Uses of Castor Oil
The Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) defines the castor oil as a familiar, safe to use and has an effective impact , and can be sold without a prescription . Its main use is as a laxative , and is primarily affects the small intestine. Although effective material to prevent constipation , its use is not recommended.
Smeared on the body , castor oil penetrates the skin , thanks to its low molecular mass , and can penetrate the Stratum corneum , the outer layer of the skin stiff . Thanks to this and other properties of the oil , is also used in other skin care products such as shampoo , lipstick and more.
The main component of castor oil , acid Ritzinolait , also used as an anti – inflammatory .
He also served as the oil treatment in barley , eye, by the touch of a small amount of material on the eye and eyelid . However, the – no oil is sold to most closely with warning contact with the eye. The oil is also used topically applied against ailments such as stomach aches , headaches, muscle pain , inflammation , skin rash, sores , acne, and sinusitis . Castor oil is packaged by flannel immersion oil , and then laying the fabric on the infected area , and fabric – a hot water bottle . How to use this oil is mentioned in the writings of many healers from the mid -19th century.
Mentioned uses of oil in inducing birth in pregnant women , although the application is not always effective and desirable. Ingestion of the substance can cause contraction of the intestine , thus causing diarrhea. Thus, the intestine causing pressure on the uterus . Overdose , at the cervix has been extended , shrinkage can bring labor. Way out – this painful side of labor induced by castor oil , can bring a lot of pressure on the pregnant woman and the fetus. Also, the use of oil leads to dehydration due to acute diarrhea and vomiting caused by the effect of oil on the digestive system . Therefore, use the recommended amount is no more than 4 tablespoons of liquid. In any case , the use of this therapy is not recommended without the supervision of a professional.

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